How do I get an access to the premium content?

It’s easy, it only takes a couple of minutes. You can click on the price list in the top menu and choose your membership. Log in with the help of Form Factory, or fill out a new registration. Your Form Factory account will be used to sign and display the scope.

Is the registration neccessary?

The registration and purchase of Form Factory ONLINE membership is non-existent in order to protect access to the premium volume.

What is the premium content?

Premium content is part of the paid part of the service. Premium content includes unlimited access to online lessons, live broadcasts and other online content within the fitness.formfactory.cz portal for a specified period of time within the membership of ONLINE 7 and ONLINE 30. Premium content includes a number of exercise lessons of various programs available most often in FULL HD quality.

What do I need to play the lesson?

Nothing at all. Stand up for active ONLINE memberships and sign up for your Form Factory account. But you can follow all the trainings in the on-demand library or train in live online streaming.

Do I have to pay for online lessons when I have a membership in the Form Factory club?

During the period when all Form Factory clubs are closed and you have a membership, it is necessary to purchase an ONLINE membership for access to the premium volume and streaming. After the opening of the Form Factory club, the service will be available for free for members who pay for some of the standard membership types (Flexi, Basic, annual, etc.). Free service for one-day admission, Free Pass and WeekPass.

How much does the service cost?

There are two types of ONLINE memberships available. ONLINE 7 is a membership for a week (7 days) and is available for 99 CZK. The second type is ONLINE 30, which is a membership for 1 month and can be paid for 199 CZK. Both types of membership cover unlimited access to the volume after the introduced period.

Is any content available for free?

Before purchasing the ONLINE membership, you can try out the entire on-demand library and try out the trainings in selected lessons (marked #FREE), which are available for free with just a few extra extras to keep you current.

How can I order my ONLINE membership?

You can click on the price list at the top menu and choose the optimal membership. The payment is made with the help of a payment card. After the payment, the service will be available in few minutes. In case of renewal of the membership, the invitation will be renewed and the renewal will help further payments. The system will alert you to the expiration of the membership automatically.

I bought a membership but I still don’t have an access to the premium content

It is necessary to log out on the fitness.formfactory.cz website and log in again in order for the website to load the change of membership. To log in, use the email that was used when ordering the membership.

How can I cancel my ONLINE membership?

As long as you do not want to use Form Factory ONLINE for various reasons, you will not be able to continue with the ONLINE membership. It only expires after the interception period and consequently no parts will be trimmed automatically.

Is the ONLINE membership also valid in the fitness clubs?

No, the ONLINE membership is about accessing the digital platform of online marketing and streaming. It does not allow you to join the Form Factory club. It is necessary to ask some of the standard types of membership for the price list for hanging out in clubs.

What do I need for online training?

Each type of training has its own specifics. As part of online training, you can choose from the type of squeaking, intensity and purpose. In each squeak, however, it is introduced, how much help is needed or what is recommended.

Can I take online lessons retroactively?

In the event of a live streaming, the lessons are laid out to the on-demand library after the broadcast is completed. Lessons that are not delivered live to the library gradually or easily within the paid ONLINE membership should follow the packaging without restriction.

How about Les Mills programs?

Les Mills are currently sent live and with a license agreement and cannot be revisited and are not included in our on-demand library.

I have a Multisport card. Can I pay for an online membership?

Yes, ONLINE 7 and ONLINE 30 memberships can be purchased even if you use the Multisport card to visit Form Factory clubs. ONLINE membership is intended only for access to the online platform, which includes an on-demand library of trainings and streaming exercises.